Mission of HSEE

The development of knowledge and environmental conciousness as well as the responsibility of all those profess EE – and through them of the HU society as a whole -, via forming their way of thinking and also their way of life towards an environmentally friendly one.

Target of HSEE

  • Collection and dissemination of knowledge and methods needed by EE, assisting to the work of environmental educators and also encouraging and organising the collaboration among them
  • Increase the personal effectivity of the environmental educators, developing their skills to establish cooperation among each other
  • Understand and develop human relations in order to arrive to a more and more harmonious coexistence among each other and also with their closer environment
  • Create an ethics based on the honour of both nature and humans, develop a responsibility thinking in terms of planet size as well as centuries of time, also strengthen cooperation and tolerance in general
  • Practice and develop knowledge, skills and competences needed for a sustainable way of life.


  • HSEE was founded by 53 enthusiastic environmental educators in March 1993 by 53 devoted environmental educators. Today the Society has cca 300 members. The majority of our members are pedagogists (from kindergarten to higher education), but we have also engineers, lawyers, librarians, physicians, and also students of secondary shool etc. working with us. Members represent all cohorts of age through sudents, active adults and also pensioners. Two-thirds of our members live in the countryside. Our members developed smaller/local groups, too, with an ad hoc or permanent character according to their goals.
  • Since 1998 the HSEE realises targets of public interest as well.
  • HSEE got the prise „For Our Environment” in 1999 from the responsibe ministry
  • Since 1998 it is classified as “of outstanding public benefit”.
  • Our Society was awarded with prize “For Our Environment” in 1999.

Services and further education offered by HSEE

  • Get Ecological! (30 hours, accredited)
  • Your Home in the Forest (not accredited)
  • On other subjects according to claims, also for children

Programs for children

  • Complex programs of studying nature
  • Games for studying nature
  • Thematical days (according to claims)
  • A Jour with Ottó Herman, HU father of learning on nature: introduction, expert advice, lectures, consultation

Expert advice, lectures, consultations and presentations

  • Elaboration or reworking of environmental education programs for schools as a whole
  • Attitude formation for the whole faculty
  • Greening of subjects and further activities
  • Complex forms of organizing learning (school in the forest, thematical days, projects, learning through exploration etc.)
  • Games for sensitization, introduction and learning for nature
  • Planning and organising thematical days and schools in the forest
  • Organisation and implementation of family events of firms
  • Projectpedagogy
  • Fieldtrips for teachers and/ or children
  • Methodological issues of EE
  • Philosofical, ethical and religious issues of EE

Open programs – not only for members

  • Professional Yearly Meetings in every autumn at different points of the country, getting and scattering information on the local environment, sharing methods and experience, etc.
  • ECO-Christmas program for families and children at the beginning of December, making presents of natural materials and of litter
  • Canoe tours in a side branch of the Danube. During the day conquering nature and offerring relaxation
  • A weakly camp for students 6-14 years old, as well as for adults, and for pedagogical students exploring nature together.
  • Ecological evenings for HSEE members and others interested, consulting on actual, interesting issues of sustainability, lead by invited lecturers, on/offline
  • Urban walks lead by experts to reveal local natural and built environmental values
  • Methodological burse to find expertise and methodological offer to be adopted, learning based on the experience of the participants.

What HSEE actually deals with

  • Theoretical, practical and methodological issues of EE as well as of sustainability
  • Refreshing the actual editions of the National Environmental Education Strategy
  • Methodological culture of pedagogists
  • Complex approaches to the organisation of learning, interactive methods in EE
  • EE within the family
  • Literature on EE
  • Developing and adopting methodological issues of EE
  • EE in the museum
  • Professional preparedness of non-environmental teachers in the field of EE
  • The school and the local sustainability
  • Environmental education of grandparents
  • Child occupations
  • Collaboration of civic organisations in environmental issues
  • Programs and moduls of EE
  • Greening of the school
  • Wandering Lanes of EE (t.e. climate, pollinators etc.)
  • Offering EE programs at cultural festivals etc.
  • Directing of or participation in programs of others on a consortium basis
  • Collaboration with other partners (e.g. global education)
  • „Puli” (a small but VERY clever shepherd dog!) online salon for strenthening inner and/or human relations

Titled “KÖR”, appears in every three months. Informs members on news, possibilities, life of Society and news on EE. It is supplemeted with “Basket of methods”, a collection of EE activities, edited by members.


President: Saly Erika

Members of Presidency: Saly Erika, Újszászi Györgyi, Bátyi-Földesi Dóra, Szűcs Boglárka, Tóthné Timár-Geng Csilla

Members of Board: Vásárhelyi Tamás dr., Victor András dr., Kun Lászlóné, Valenta Ferencné Palágyi Deák G., Vásárhelyi Judit dr., Hársas Oszkárné, Devescovi Balázs, Gyalog Éva, Trescsik Angela, Neumayer Éva, Varga Attila, Nagy Andrea, Bárd Edit, Grossmann Erika, Gulya Nikoletta, Dr. Tenk András

Members of Supervisory Committee: Huszár Zsuzsanna, Kelen Gábor, Németh Ibolya dr.

Sztridáné Kurucz Krisztina (Administrator),

Honorary Members of world-wide reputation: David Attenborough, Meskó Attila, Joseph Cornell, Országh Mihály, György Lajos, R. Várkonyi Ágnes, Káldy József, Schmidt Egon, Kontra György, Sólyom László, Legány András, Vida Gábor, Jane Goodall, László Ervin, Havas Péter


  • Annual meetings: making friends, listening to presentations, handicrafts, field trips to nice natural places, getting know “local spirit”.
  • Traditional in-service training is: “Personal relationships in environmental education”
  • “Eco-christmas” is organized for children and families: making hand-made presents from natural materials
  • Annual canoe trips on Danube at Soroksár
  • Help in edition of EE and methodological publications, own publications
  • Cooperations of dozen EE (and other) non-governmental organizations
  • Organizinmg conferences, trainings, lectures, trips, museum visits, club meetings and other events
  • Work more and more on methods of enabling to sustainability, to develop skills and ethic needed to protect our environment


Office: 1119 Budapest, Etele út 59-61.

Tel.: +36 1 321 4796, Mobil: +36 20 4949 469

E-mail: mkne@mkne.hu

Headquarters: 1031 Budapest, Váci Mihály tér 4., II./4.

Bankaccount: 16200151-00270519