Goals and Mission of our Society:

  • Increase environmental awareness, knowledge and responsibility of those who regard EE for a mission of themselves, and – through them – of whole Hungarian society.
  • Collect and disseminate knowledge and methods of EE; help environmental educators, encourage and organise their co-operation.
  • Improve personal effectiveness of environmental educators, develop their ability tomake contacts with other people.
  • Study, understand and improve personal relationships for creating harmony amongst people and between people and environment.
  • Develop ethics based on the respect of nature and man; develop responsible thinking in planetary and century scale; improve cooperation and patience.
  • Identify, train and practice skills and competences needed for the ecological sustainability of the Earth.


  • Our Society was established in March 1992 by 53 devoted environmental educators.
  • By now near 1 000 members.
  • Since 1998 it is classified as “of outstanding public benefit”.
  • Our Society was awarded with prize “For Our Environment” in 1999.
  • Our former presidents: Tamás Vásárhelyi, András Victor, Ibolya Nyiratiné Németh

Local groups:
Baranya county (1994-), Zala county (1996-), Debrecen (1999-), Hódmezővásárhely (2003-)

Expert groups:
Museum Pedagogy (1999-), Human Resources (2000-), Chemistry (2003-)

Youth Group:
Köröcske (“Little Circle”) 2005-

Outstanding activities:

  • Literature on EE (Conference, 1994)
  • EE in family (meeting, 1995)
  • Interactive methods in EE (in-service training, 1996)
  • National EE Strategy of Hungary developed and presented to decision makers (conferences and publications, 1998, 2001, 2003)
  • EE-TIPs (EE Teachers’ Information Packages) adaptation for Hungary (workshop and publications, 1998) National meetings in every year: lectures, workshops, field trips
  • Museums and environmental education – conference and publication
  • Teachers’ training workshops, community programs
  • Partners in education (PIE) — international cooperation led by Institute for Sustainable Communities, USA, 2001
  • “Greening schools” – conference and manuscript, 2002
  • Role of schools on local sustainability (training, publication, 2002-)
  • Grannies’ EE (2003, 2004)
  • Project “Schools in harmony with environment” – 2004-
  • Workshops led by Joseph Cornell (2006)
  • Project “Otto Herman” (publication, application for museums, 2006)
  • MÉTA Workgroups (connecting science and education, 2006-)

Titled “KÖR”, appears in every three months. Informs members on news, possibilities, life of Society and news on EE. It is supplemeted with “Basket of methods”, a collection of EE activities, edited by members.

Most of our members are educators (from kindergarten to university), but there are artist, jurist, librarian, doctor, cook, actor, editor and “simply” parents too. Ages are from teenagers to retired academian. Two-third of our members live in countryside.


President: Saly Erika

Members of Presidency: Saly Erika, Újszászi Györgyi, Bátyi-Földesi Dóra, Szűcs Boglárka, Tóthné Timár-Geng Csilla

Members of Board: Vásárhelyi Tamás dr., Victor András dr., Kun Lászlóné, Valenta Ferencné Palágyi Deák G., Vásárhelyi Judit dr., Hársas Oszkárné, Devescovi Balázs, Gyalog Éva, Trescsik Angela, Neumayer Éva, Varga Attila, Nagy Andrea, Bárd Edit, Grossmann Erika, Gulya Nikoletta, Dr. Tenk András

Members of Supervisory Committee: Huszár Zsuzsanna, Kelen Gábor, Németh Ibolya dr.

Sztridáné Kurucz Krisztina (Administrator),

Honorary Members of world-wide reputation

David Attenborough, Meskó Attila, Joseph Cornell, Országh Mihály, György Lajos,
R. Várkonyi Ágnes, Káldy József, Schmidt Egon, Kontra György, Sólyom László
Legány András, Vida Gábor, Jane Goodall, László Ervin


  • Annual meetings: making friends, listening to presentations, handicrafts, field trips to nice natural places, getting know “local spirit”.
  • Traditional in-service training is: “Personal relationships in environmental education”
  • “Eco-christmas” is organized for children and families: making hand-made presents from natural materials
  • Annual canoe trips on Danube at Soroksár
  • Help in edition of EE and methodological publications, own publications
  • Cooperations of dozen EE (and other) non-governmental organizations
  • Organizinmg conferences, trainings, lectures, trips, museum visits, club meetings and other events
  • Work more and more on methods of enabling to sustainability, to develop skills and ethic needed to protect our environment


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Etele út. 59-61.









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